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I’m seeking re-election so I can continue serving the community
and helping to improve the quality of life in Upland.

Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the City and its neighbourhoods.
Rudy Zuñiga

Your Councilman

Re-Elect Rudy Zuñiga - Councilman Upland District 4

I’m seeking re-election so I can continue serving the community and improving the quality of life in Upland. I honestly feel our city is in a much better position than it was four years ago. While in office I voted to approve policies that created many wins for Upland such as the following:

• Significantly paying down the city’s unfunded pension liability while saving over $66,800,000.00
• Greatly reducing criminal vagrancy and significantly reducing the homeless Point In Time count from 125 in 2018 to its current count of 89
• Assisting 48 low-to-moderate income homeowners with much needed housing repairs
• Assisting 103 small business owners with façade improvements, COVID-19 compliance and the attraction of 9 new restaurants in Downtown
• Approving 8 parklets and a plaza that will break ground in Downtown by year’s end

I proudly proposed an approved policy that will give District 4 parks over $183,000.00 annually, over and above current budgeted funds. I championed the Adopt A Park/Trail program which allows volunteers to take pride in our community by adopting and maintaining various areas throughout our city.

City Projects

Below are some of the projects that my colleagues and I approved to revitalize downtown.

Downtown has begun to thrive under my watch with the addition of 11 new eateries, filling all but one vacant building. Most of these eateries are currently under construction, and we are eagerly awaiting their grand openings. Also coming soon is the new Tom Thomas Plaza which will be housing the Roman Roach Foronda stage and parklets will be built throughout downtown on 9th Street and 2nd Avenue. Finally, for our Upland residents and dog lovers, the new dog friendly park on 9th Street and Bodenhamer is coming soon!.

Downtown Parklets

City Council approved on November 22, 2021

The conceptual design for the eight (8) parklets includes:
· Three six (6) foot long benches with a center bar and no backing to promote short-term usage
· One mailbox-type trash receptacle to prevent foraging through trash
· Additional landscaping within existing and expanded planters
· Expansion of the 30-inch tall garden wall
· Wall cut-out for access
· Concrete foundation with stamped art
· New permanent metal bollards to prevent vehicles from crossing through this area

Bodenhamer Park

On September 27, 2021, the City Council approved the design for a new 12,632 square foot neighborhood park on City-owned property located on the northwest corner of 9th Street and Bodenhamer. Currently the City is in the process of obtaining the services of a landscape architect to prepare the construction documents for Bodenhamer Park’s improvements. Some of the park improvements will include a fenced dog park, rubberized surface, play equipment, picnic area and off-site improvements including curb, gutter, and sidewalk.

Tom Thomas Magnolia Plaza

On April 25, 2022, the City Council adopted a resolution approving a funding plan for construction of the New Downtown Urban Plaza and a resolution to name the New Downtown Urban Plaza after Tom Thomas and the band stage after Roman “Roach” Foronda.

The project involves the development of an urban open space on an 0.69 acre of vacant land located on the Pacific Electric Trail between Third Avenue and Second Avenue to be used as a “Downtown Plaza” and continue the City’s efforts to revitalize the Downtown area.

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